Our Mission

WIILDS was born out of the need to ignite change. Sustainability is one of our core values and we are constantly looking for more creative methods to our processes. We want to inspire, excite and encourage consumers to choose sustainable over mass produced fast fashion, and be that feel-good positive purchase that supports ethical manufacturing in an oversaturated market.

Why we need change

For decades, the dark side of the fashion industry has been swept under the rug, privvy to only the CEO’s of big brands who were only in it for one thing, money. Only now are we starting to see the colossal environmental impacts this has had, and it’s time for massive change. 

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter after the oil industry, and accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions. We were pretty shocked when we found out it took 20,000 litres of water and 1 kilo of chemicals to produce just 1 kilo of cotton, which completely goes against our values as a brand. Beyond the environmental impacts, a recent study found extremely hazardous chemicals in over 63% of items tested from 20 of the world’s biggest textile brands. Considering our skin is our body’s biggest organ, is this REALLY the kind of clothing we want to be wearing? It’s time we put a stop to the scam that is the fast fashion industry, and collectively start to make better choices for us, and our earth.

In a world where our environmental landscape is changing rapidly, brands and retailers DNEED to take responsibility and start actioning real tangible solutions to their global impact. Transparency is key, which is why we at Wiilds will continue to strive for sustainability, offsetting our carbon footprint and creating positive, lasting change for our planet, and here’s how we’re going to do that…


As an independent, young small biz, we’re constantly working hard to make sure we’re meeting sustainability targets. Although we might not have the same resources as bigger corporations, we’re passionate about our planet, people, oceans and values, which is why we’re committed to implementing these positive measures:

  • $3 from every hat sold is donated to ‘Take Three For The Sea’ to support initiatives to educate third world countries on best practices for environmental management of beaches.
  • Our clothing is made from 100% organic cotton and come with GOTS (Global Organic Cotton Standard) certification. Organic cotton is significantly better for the environment, we see this as an absolute no brainer. To read more about why organic cotton is better than conventional cotton click here.
  • WIILDS doesn't tolerate plastic. All Wiilds garments are package-free, meaning our manufacturers don’t send our products with any plastic packaging.
  • We pack and ship all our orders using compostable satchels from 'The better packaging'. These bags are made from corn and will fully decompose in your compost after 90 days. You can either pop these bags in your green bin or put them in your own compost to feed your worms!
  • We work directly with Fair trade accredited suppliers, to ensure all workers are given a fair workplaces with good rates. If for some reason they cannot work (such as a lockdown) they are still paid and are able to support their families.
  • We have a zero waste policy for our fabrics so any off cuts are sent to be used for recycled cotton fabrics.