Caring for the earth is one of the core focuses here at WIILDS. We feel lucky to have clean waves, nice beaches, clear air, and beautiful reefs. Right now is a crucial time to make good choices. We start by choosing organic cotton. Cotton farms make up 2.5% of the world's farmable land and use a hella amount of insecticides. I'm talking about 23% of the world's insecticides and 11% of the world's pesticides, more than any other major crop!

They use chemicals, big whoop, we dont eat it? Wrong, it is a bigger whoop than you may think. All these poisonous, harmful chemicals used to grow cotton end up polluting the soil and groundwater which has a big toll on the land. These chemicals are a catalyst for land degradation causing less arable land (land suitable for growing crops). The run off from these farms contains all the hazardous chemicals which then infect local waterways and food supplies. Workers can also be directly affected.

Even though you aren't eating the chemicals (at least I would hope), normal non-organic shirts can still have an impact on your health. Your skin is your body's biggest organ and having those chemicals on your skin day in, day out can't be good. It has been proven on children that the chemicals in their clothes can be found in their urine three days later. Some of the chemicals used in cotton are known to be carcinogenic (cancerous).

The growing and harvesting of organic cotton uses 71% less water,  91% fewer carbon emissions and 64% less energy than conventional cotton farms, wowzas! 

WIILDS works with suppliers that are certified GOTS (global organic textile standard). We choose to buy organic cotton from farms/suppliers that don't use any harmful chemicals at any step of turning cotton into a garment. This includes - growing cotton/farming processes, turning cotton into yarn, knitting the yarn, dying and screen printing. In fact the organic cotton can't even be on the same table as tables that have had non organic cotton on them. It's a very careful process! We take it to the next step choosing to work with manufacturing facility who are Fair Trade certified, meaning-all workers are paid above the government set minimum wage. 

Its feels good and its worth it!