Sustainability is a core value at WIILDS and we believe now is a crucial time to make good choices.
The conventional fashion industry takes a heavy toll on our environment. Cotton farms make up 2.5% of the world's farmable land and use a huge amount of insecticides. In fact the cotton farming industry uses 23% of the world's insecticides and 11% of the world's pesticides, more than any other major crop! In some cases, it’s been shown it takes 1kg of chemicals to produce 1kg of fabric!
This is a bigger problem than it may seem. These poisonous, harmful chemicals find their way into the soil and groundwater and take a big toll on the land. Chemicals like these are a catalyst for land degradation leading to less farmable land. The run off from these farms then infect local waterways and food supplies and can in turn affect local communities. Growing and harvesting organic cotton uses 71% less water, 91% fewer carbon emissions and 64% less energy than conventional cotton farms! Pretty good hey!
Even though we don’t eat our clothing, non-organic shirts can have an impact on our health, as well as our environment. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It’s porous and absorbs whatever you put on it. Hazardous chemicals in children’s clothes have been shown to be expelled in the urine up to 3 days after wear. These are chemicals that are known carcinogens. WIILDS works with suppliers that are GOTS (global organic textile standard) certified. We choose to buy organic cotton from farms and suppliers that don't use any harmful chemicals - from farm to garment.
We see organic cotton as a necessity. We hope you do too.
Carter - Founder